Our Technology

Our core focus since we started in 2013 has been building and evolving our white-label workplace engagement platform, MyWorkPal.

Multi-Tenanted, SaaS and Configurable

The MyWorkPal platform is SaaS (“Software As A Service”) and is founded on Multi-Tenanted architecture. This means that all data and all client installations (i.e. “tenants”) are fed by one single central online system, rather than having many copy-and-pastes of your main installation for each client. Being SaaS, it also means you don’t need to install any software. The benefits of this are far-reaching, particularly in respect of significantly lower costs, faster deployment, consistency and reliability. Furthermore, updates only need to be applied once (rather than many times for some other platforms), making for an highly efficient solution.

Flexible Technology based on Industry Standards

Our .NET platform has been developed in-house on industry standard Microsoft technology. Therefore MyWorkPal is a compatible and flexible solution that can match your exact requirements in terms of design, functionality and integration with third party systems, without the constraints that most off-the-shelf packages provide. The API architecture is also set up to meet standards such as ADFS and SAML tokens for Single SignOn and other popular secure data transfer methods.

Fast and Affordable with a High Return on Investment

MyWorkPal is no-nonsense, scaleable and reliable, with efficient administration and communication capabilities. We have structured our offering, approach and services so that you can start rapidly with a small corporate scheme installation and scale up to a fully integrated and transactional employee engagement solution to align with your business growth.

Content Management System (CMS)

MyWorkPal incorporates an easy-to-use CMS with familiar web-based toolbars that enable you to control the benefit rules, eligibility, design, pages, documents and media of each tenant. Everyone who sees our CMS is pleasantly surprised how fast and uncomplicated it is. The focus on usability is paramount, so whilst we have every confidence you can be autonomous, we still provide online help and walkthroughs plus free telephone support if you ever need a hand.