My Work Pal



The rationale for creating MyWorkPal came from a convergence of many factors driving business change in the financial services industry:

  • The global financial crisis was limiting investment into new workplace technology
  • RDR made it hard for advisers to justify maintaining legacy private clients
  • Auto-Enrolment squeezed margins
  • Employee communication was traditionally only one-way information, not truly reciprocal engagement
  • The narrow and silo’d relationships between Advisers, Providers and Tech companies left many gaps to fill

At Avantus Systems we had a unique vantage point over Product Providers, Platforms, Intermediaries, Technology Companies and Consumers, which resulted in this clear vision and fresh approach.

We identified how to combine a solution to address all the above using intelligent data, so that the market would have access to refreshing technology which was more functional, flexible, integrated, reliable and lower cost than anything so far available.

This is now all available in MyWorkPal.



There are several aspects that can cause concern for firms choosing an employee benefits communications system. MyWorkPal addresses these common challenges as it has been built specifically with those challenges in mind, Here are just a few examples:


We’ve all got too many passwords, so we forget the ones we rarely use. To overcome this, you have the option to allow employees to Single SingOn directly from their office network, or link their familiar social login keychains, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Not only does it make life easier for staff doing required tasks, it also means they are more inclined to use the other benefits and become more engaged. Furthermore, it's designed to be used on mobile devices and tablets.


Many employee benefit software firms are tied to pension providers or financial intermediaries, making it very difficult periodically to migrate all clients to a new system, which itself has to be learnt from scratch, causing massive upheaval and disruption. MyWorkPal is independent of any pension company or financial advice firm, resulting in less risk of self-competing and enabling you to keep all corporate clients on one consistent platform, even when your product providers change over time.


Some employers only have an annual window for employee choices, with very few benefits, so users rarely visit and are therefore not as engaged as they could be. MyWorkPal can provide anytime benefits for employees with meaningful engagement tools (e.g. D2C financial products, personal calculators, HR tools, data-driven recommendations, etc), so they have a desire to visit far more frequently.

You can then truly use it as a day-to-day engagment platform for better workplace satisfaction.


No longer do you need to pay and wait for your software provider to create reports for your clients. MyWorkPal can automate this for you, and even send automatic messages to your desired recipients to alert them that their payroll/changes/election/etc reports are ready to view.

The data can even be scheduled to export this data to 3rd party systems, such as your payroll or HR platform, making your life even easier.

It's correct, up to date, dependable and secure.


No installation fees for each Employer

MyWorkPal provides you with the tools to create as many employer portals (tenants) as you wish. Therefore, we do not need to charge you to create each one, as it's you, not us, doing the work, thanks to our smart multi-tenanted technology.

No Contract Renewal Licences

Other companies will charge you a hefty licence fee every contract period just to be permitted to continue using your core system. MyWorkPal has no such contract renewal payment. Once your system is set up, then it’s set up. The only other core system licences are the monthly per-company and per-employee fees.

Affordable and Efficient Monthly Licensing Model

Our flexible commercial model gives you an economy of scale, making it affordable for you whether you're looking after microbusinesses, SMEs or multinationals.


Visit the MyWorkPal website for more information.